Windows Networking Internals

The Crux of the Windows networking subsystem is implemented in the form of device drivers and this article assumes the reader is adequately acquainted with the fundamental concepts of the Windows device drivers. If not, reading the article An Insight into the Windows device driver infrastructure is highly recommended.

It is said that any evolved whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that no single thing can be fully understood in isolation from its extended context. The above holds specially good when it comes to the implementation of networking in Microsoft Windows operating system.

Several websites are available which cover the fundamental concepts and theories pertaining to computer networking. Also, various websites including the Microsoft websites Technet and MSDN have an in depth coverage on the various networking technologies used in Microsoft Windows operating system. However, what an amateur techie finds lacking is how the theories and the technologies converge to form the ecosystem of the Windows networking.

The following is the birds eye view on how the conceptual whole of the Windows Networking is created which is greater than the sum of the parts - the technologies that build up the computer networking subsystem in the Microsoft Windows operating system.