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VCard Caller ID

Caller ID Application
Product Version 1.0
Platform: Android
Price: Free
Harness full power of your contacts on a customizable Visiting Card Caller ID
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Unleash the designer in your with unlimited customization options. Or Select from VCard designs to choose from. Or find the full VCard too obtrusive. Pick and choose VCard fields to blend with your preferred caller ID.

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Create your own caller ID VCard templates. Join our behance team Showcase and share your designs in behance community. After all, caller ID is the one thing users would see several times per day. With an in built VCard designer compatible with android studio layouts.

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Etiquette says they will present their visiting card when they call on you. What if you are really presented with a visiting card when they call you on (phone)? Business Users and professionals

Visiting cards are an internationally recognized means of presenting personal contact information when you call up on somebody, and VCard Caller ID enables you to do precisely that on your incoming calls. VCard Caller ID displays additional Contact information from your address book on your incoming call screens in a visiting card format which blends with your preferred caller ID:

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  • Batch PingName
  • Batch PingNickname
  • Batch PingJob Title
  • Batch PingCompany
  • Batch PingPostal address
  • Batch PingGroup association
  • Batch PingPhone Numbers
  • Batch PingEmail addresses
  • Batch PingInstant messager
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You can customize the following features of the VCards: ★ display location ★ transparency ★ Background color ★ font colors ★ font sizes ★ Visibility For the few occasions when you get calls from unknown numbers, there are many great apps to lookup the number on the Internet. For the rest there is VCard Caller ID.