VCard Designer Studio

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    Create VCard caller ID templates

    VCard Caller ID includes a WYSIWYG VCard Template designer studio which you can use to design VCard Templates or customize existing ones. You can customize the following features of the VCards:
    ★ Transparency 
    ★ Background color
    ★ Fonts - Color, Size, Bold, Italic

    Additionally, the end user can customize the following aspects of the VCards on their devices based on their requirement:
    ★ Display location 
    ★ Field Visibility - Enable / Disable a particular item
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    Preview VCards on multiple devices

    The VCard Templates are essentially android studio layouts and you can use Android Studio or compatible emulator to preview your VCards on multiple devices prior to publishing. You can also use Android Studio to edit the VCard Template field parameters supported by the our app.
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    Share VCard Templates

    You can save the VCard Templates as an xml file which you can share with others either directly through the sharing options available on your device, or any other alternate means. The end users simply need to open the VCard template xml file from the app and set it as Active VCard template.
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    Showcase VCard Template designs on Behance

    You can take shapshot of your designed VCard Templates directly from the app. You can join our behance team to showcase your VCard template designs to community members and end users. They can contact you if they like any VCard template.
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    User Device Showcase

    The user device VCard templates also serves as your design showcase. After all, a caller ID is the one thing users see several times per day.