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Visiting cards are an internationally recognized means of presenting personal contact information. VCard Realm is a suite of applications to create 

and  share Visiting Card templates linked them to your Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles. Essentially creating a whole realm of VCards.

VCard Contact

( When making calls )

    • See all your contacts as their Visiting cards

• Linked to their personal profiles on Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

• Or with their company profiles on LinkedIn

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VCard Caller ID

(When receiving calls)

“Before you speak a single word of conversation,

Before the person even accepts your call,

They see your caller ID information.

So why not make it uniquely yours?"

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Vcard designer

VCard Designer

 ( For the designers )

• Unleash your creativity and design Visiting Cards right from the app.

• Showcase on your Behance or Dribbble portfolios

• Sell premium cards on Envato Marketplace